Wayne Marshall is an award winning solo singer, songwriter influenced by music as diverse as reggae, Soul and contemporary R&B. Wayne cites musical influences and singers such as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Otis Redding to be huge inspirations.

Single Releases:
2000 - Your G spot, Deep down - Soundtrack - Sexy Beast - Ben Kingsley & Ian Mcshane - Nominated for a Bafta
1996 - Never knew love like this' Top 40 National hit, No 15, in the Music Week dance chart, released on Sony Records.
duet single with Pauline Henry (formally the lead singer of The Chimes).
1995 - Your G Spot - Top 30 National U.K. hit with the single also No.1, for 12 weeks in the Urban Street Chart: Sales recorded at 80,000
1995 - Spirit and Slow Grind (Top 40 National hit and No.1, in the Urban Street Chart for 3 weeks Sales Recorded excess of 50,000.
1986 - I L.O.V.E (Top10. Echoes Reggae Chart)
1985 - Vibes And Tribulation (No.2, Echoes reggae chart)
1985 - Give Me The Mix (No.3, UK Echoes Reggae Chart)